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  • Skincare Tips for Those with Rosacea

    18 Febrero 2014

    Rosacea is a chronic skin condition characterized by redness on the face that currently affects around 14 million Americans. Usually it manifests itself across the cheeks, nose and forehead and sometimes includes small bumps, burning and other symptoms. Rosacea affects all ages and genders (although it is more common in women) and can worsen over time if left untreated.

    Certain medications, skincare items and makeup can  trigger rosacea, which makes living with the condition extra hard. Thankfully, there are treatments in the form of steroid creams, but you also can help to keep your rosacea at bay by staying away from certain products or using products specifically made for sensitive skin.

    It’s important to have a consistent and gentle skincare routine when suffering from rosacea. Products such as Shinso Mist can be easily applied to skin to help control the symptoms. This product is free of oil, chemicals, fragrances and parabens, so it’s good for your skin and won’t trigger flare-ups. When shopping for skincare products, read the labels carefully to make sure the ingredients are natural and gentle. Some ingredients to avoid include alcohol, menthol, salicylic acid and sodium lauryl sulfate.

    When applying products, make sure to be gentle and to avoid any scrubbing, since this could make your skin worse. Stay away from harsh exfoliants or skin peels. Instead, cleanse with your fingertips with a mild cleanser.

    Lastly, make sure to pile on the sunscreen. The harsh sun can trigger a flare-up, so using a daily sunscreen can help combat these. Like mentioned above, avoid formulas with alcohol, oils and fragrances and look for products with zinc oxide and silicone, since these oftentimes help people with rosacea.





  • What is Deep Sea Water?

    06 Febrero 2014

    Before purchasing skin or beauty products, it’s important to take a look at what ingredients are in it. So many companies use unnatural or harmful chemicals in their products, which sets Shinso Skincare apart from the rest. Shinso products are a natural skincare treatment that will protect your skin by using the Earth’s most potent and powerful minerals, extracts and ingredients. In addition to ingredients such as coffea arabica seed, honey and panax ginseng root extract, the products also contain deep sea water.

    The ancient Japanese believed the Gods gave the Earth and sea great healing powers. One folktale tells the story of a fisherman who sets out to sea to find two special gifts for his ailing wife. Upon returning, he gives her the water from the deepest part of the sea and a delicate, fresh flower. She drinks a mixture of the ground petals and water, and almost instantly, her frail body is rejuvenated and her cheeks glow with radiance. This ancient belief is magnified by the phenomenal powers of the current deep sea water found in Japan currently.

    The scientific blend of ocean minerals from the deep sea water make all the difference in skincare products, like Shinso Mist. This rare water is classified as “deep sea” because it is harvested from 2,000 feet below the Earth’s surface. This pure and prized water originates from ancient glaciers in Greenland, which took 2,000 years to reach the shores of Japan. It’s said that this special water is a miraculous source of life, as well as the only dioxin-free water in Japan. Dioxin is a highly-toxic compound produced as a byproduct in some manufacturing processes, as well as an environmental pollutant. This water is never exposed to outside air, which helps to maintain the purity and prevent contamination, as mentioned above.  Instead, the water is extracted to the surface using a sealed vacuum tube.