What is REALLY In Your Makeup?

20 Octubre 2014

Every day, we slather on lotions and apply various beauty products our face. Most of the time we don’t even bother looking at the ingredients of the skincare and makeup products we use so often. “What you don’t know can’t hurt you” isn’t always 100% true. Harmful chemicals and toxins can irritate skin, causing rashes, allergic reactions or acne (to name a few).

So what are the bad things your makeup may already contain? Lead acetate can be found in some hair dyes and cleansers, formaldehyde is commonly found in nail products, phthalates (plasticizing chemicals that are probable human reproductive or developmental toxins and endocrine disruptors) are found in some fragrances and hair spray, parabens (a group of compounds widely used as anti-microbial preservatives) are often found in cosmetics products, and mercury can be found in mascaras.

In addition to the things above, makeup and skincare products can also contain toxins, various chemicals, fragrances and oils- some of which can irritate the skin and cause reactions to some people. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and to prevent these reactions and harmful side effects but choosing products that have ingredients you are aware of.

So what should you do to avoid these products? First of all, read the labels of everything you buy. If you don’t recognize an ingredient, look it up and research it. Be aware of bogus marketing claims and always look for clinical tests run by doctors to confirm any statistics. Always opt for an unscented product made without dyes- this will lower your chances of a negative skin reaction. Lastly, keep your routine simple. Something such as organic, all-natural coconut oil can be used in many different ways- as a moisturizer, makeup remover, etc. Using fewer products ultimately saves you money, time and a possible negative reaction.

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