How to Change Your Skin in Less Than a Week

10 Noviembre 2014

For most skin issues, time is of the essence. Many treatments and ingredients take weeks to months to really start to work or show improvements. Fortunately there are a few things you can do or use that can help change your skin in a week or less. These simple changes, routines and products will help improve your skin with a fast turnaround time.

  • Remove your makeup every night- no excuses. Let’s be honest- do you always remember to take off your makeup from the day before you head to bed? Chances are there is a night or two when you slack off due to laziness, and those one or two missed nights of cleansing can really take a toll on your skin. To prevent breakouts and keep your pillow clean, use a makeup removing wipe and gentle cleanser before bed. If you can, remove your makeup right after work/any night events, so your skin will have even more time to recover.
  • Eat properly and drink enough water. A few days of eating greasy foods and skimping on water will take a toll on your skin and everyone will know what you’ve been up to. So do a mini detox by eating plenty of health foods such as fruits, vegetables and nuts and make sure you are properly hydrated.
  • Use spot treatments for problem areas. By following the steps above, your overall skin will start to look and feel better. But for problem areas, you’ll need to use a strong spot treatment for them. If you have acne or occasional pimples, look for an acne spot treatment that says it will deliver results within a week. For redness or sensitive skin, find a calming moisturizer and avoid and foundation or concealer with harsh ingredients.
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